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Solo 13 & 14

Solo canoes allow for total independence. They are also lightweight, versatile and loads of fun! You can take your solo canoe on the river or out on the lake. You can even take them into the surf of the sea. A solo canoe allows you paddle, fish, sit back or soak up nature without having to worry about how you will get your boat to and from the water. Go where you want, when you want.
All boats typically are available in red and green, with many models also coming in yellow, teal or purple.

The Solo is Mohawk’s compact, light and strikingly-beautiful canoe with a tucked in center section and detailed lines molded into the bow and stern. Nimble on the water, the Mohawk Solo model of canoes are a delight to paddle. A real joy on small, twisty creeks the Solo is the perfect craft for someone looking for a lightweight boat for relaxing in. Yet with its flared bow and sides the Mohawk Solo can also easily handle light whitewater and choppy lakes while keeping its occupant dry. The Solo 14’s extra length trades off weight and maneuverability for a larger capacity and better tracking.

Suitable for most paddlers this is the canoe you can pick up and carry to your favorite paddling spot. Discover the ultimate pleasure in canoeing: Solo paddling in a Solo by Mohawk Canoes.

Solo 13

Length: 13′, Beam at gunwale: 29″, Beam at 4″ waterline: 30.25″
Depth: at bow 18″, at center, 12.5″ at stern 18″
Approx. weight: 41 lbs. (Royalex), 36lbs (Royalite R-84). Estimated capacity: 300 lbs.

Solo 14

Length: 14′, Beam at gunwale: 29″, Beam at 4″ waterline: 30.25″
Depth: at bow 18″, at center 12.5″ , at stern 18″
Approx. weight: 44 lbs. (Royalex), 39lbs (Royalite, R-84). Estimated capacity: 375 lbs.


Solo 13

8″ Freeboard @ 292lbs.
6″ Freeboard @ 486lbs.

Solo 14

8″ Freeboard @ 367lbs.
6″ Freeboard @ 588lbs.

Solo 13

Red or Green

Other Colors

Solo 13 – Royalex



Solo 13 – Royalite (R84)


Solo 14

Solo 14 – Royalex


Solo 14 – Royalite (R84)