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Nova 16 & 17

Tandem canoes give two people the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of the great outdoors together. They also provide ample volume for carrying gear, children and pets down rivers and across lakes. Models such as the Sport 14 are configured in such a way as to be a sporting delight.

All boats typically are available in red and green, with many models also coming in yellow, teal or purple.

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[tab title=”Description”]Fast and sleek with advanced styling, the Nova 16 has one of the sharpest and most efficient entry lines of any Royalex canoe. With accent lines molded under the deck and clean lines this canoe is one of our most attractive models. A tucked in center section makes solo paddling easier. The flared sides below the tucked in line and the shallow arched bottom give the Nova good initial and final stability.

For lightweight and most canoeing conditions, choose R-84 Royalite. For added durability when the canoe is used in rocky streams or where lots of whitewater will be encountered, choose the heavier Royalex material. This is one of our most popular tandem canoes for both wilderness tripping, touring and general recreation use.

The Nova 17 is a fast, lightweight, wilderness tripping/touring canoe or a recreational canoe for those who prefer a longer canoe. The same fine characteristics of the Nova 16 only in a longer canoe. Choose it over the Nova 16 where greater room and capacity are required. Again where durability is a concern, choose the Nova 17 in the heavier, more durable, Royalex. A favorite adventure racing teams.

Currently available in Blue.[/tab]
[tab title=”Specifications”]

Nova 16

Length:15’11”. Beam at gunwale:35″. Beam at 4″ waterline: 35″.
Depth at bow:20″, at center:14.3″, at stern:19″.
Weight approx. 65lbs.(Royalex), 59lbs.(Royalite) Estimated capacity: 750 lbs.

Nova 17

Length:17′. Beam at gunwale: 35”, Beam at 4” waterline: 34”
Depth: bow 21”, center 14.3”,stern 20”.
Weight approx. 72lbs. (Royalex), 66lbs.(Royalite). Estimated capacity: 900lbs.

[tab title=”Freeboard”]

Intrepid 16

8″ Freeboard @ 681lbs.
6″ Freeboard @ 986lbs.

Intrepid 17

8″ Freeboard @ 738lbs.
6″ Freeboard @ 1036lbs.[/tab]
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Nova 16


Nova 17