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Sport 14

Tandem canoes give two people the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of the great outdoors together. They also provide ample volume for carrying gear, children and pets down rivers and across lakes. Models such as the Sport 14 are configured in such a way as to be a sporting delight.

All boats typically are available in red and green, with many models also coming in yellow, teal or purple.

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[tab title=”Description”]The Sport 14 offers incredibly generous stability for fishing, hunting and bird watching thanks to its wide beam and flat bottom. Easy to lift and carry this roomy and compact canoe provides a solid platform designed for recreational activities.

The Sport 14 is available in either forest green or camoflage.[/tab]
[tab title=”Specifications”]

Sport 14

Length: 14′, Beam at gunwale: 37.75″, Beam at 4″ waterline 35.63″.
Depth: at bow 20″at center 13.25″ at stern 20″.
Weight approx. 65lbs. (Royalex), 54lbs.(Royalite R-84). Estimated capacity: 650 lbs.[/tab]
[tab title=”Freeboard”]

Sport 14

8″ Freeboard @ 577lbs.
6″ Freeboard @ 872lbs.[/tab]
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Sport 14