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Probe 11, 12, 13 & 14

We will gladly outfit your whitewater boat for you at our facilities in Chattanooga. Have our experienced operators install everything so when you first get your hands on your new boat you can take it straight out on the water and play. Not only do you save time but you save a lot of money as well as the installed package includes everything your boat needs except for the air in the floatbags.

All boats typically are available in red and green, with many models also coming in yellow, teal or purple.

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The Mohawk Probe 11 is our shortest version of the Probe series. It has all of the characteristics of the longer Probes such as lots of flare in the sides for great secondary stability, rounded chines for easy side surfing and high volume ends. Smaller paddlers will like the low weight of the Mohawk Probe 11. Larger paddlers will find the Mohawk Probe 11 takes more skill to paddle, but they will enjoy the Mohawk Probe 11’s added responsiveness, small-size and added challenge.

The Mohawk Probe 12 shares all of the features of the Mohawk Probe 13 but in a more performance-oriented form. The Mohawk Probe 12 is 6″ shorter overall and narrower at the 4″ waterline and an inch narrower at the gunwale. Some stability is sacrificed with the Mohawk Probe 12 compared to the Mohawk Probe 13, but the increase in performance is noticeable. The Mohawk Probe 12 still has great secondary stability due to the flared center-section.

Of the three solo Mohawk Probes the Mohawk Probe 13 is our most popular model. It’s the boat that most entry level paddlers can start out with and yet never grow out of. The Mohawk Probe 13’s 28″ beam at the 4″ waterline makes it quick to accelerate off the line. The flair at the center section gives the Mohawk Probe 13 a tremendous amount of secondary stability that loyal Mohawk Probe paddlers love. The Mohawk Probe 13, like other Mohawk Probes, has a symmetrical rocker. This feature makes ferrying, eddy turns and peel outs in the Mohawk Probe 13 reassuringly predictable. Combine the symmetrical rocker with the flared sides and the Mohawk Probe 13 provides confidence while learning the sport.

Mohawk’s tandem playboat has all of the hot performance features of smaller Probes in a larger boat. The Probe 14 is the canoe for tandem paddlers looking for extra performance. The 14 can be factory-outfitted in a three-position or solo configuration. It’s a great boat for beginners and larger paddlers.

Probe 11

Length 11’8”, Beam @ gunwale 28”, Beam @ 4” waterline 27.75”
Approx weight 45lbs, Rocker 4.5”

Probe 12

Length 12’2”, Beam @ gunwale 27.5”, Beam @ 4” waterline 27.75”
Approx weight 48lbs, Rocker 4.75”

Probe 13

Length 12’8”, Beam @ gunwale 28.5”, Beam @ 4” waterline 28”
Approx weight 49lbs, Rocker 5″

Probe 14

Length 14’, Beam @ gunwale 31”, Beam @ 4” waterline 29”
Approx weight 59lbs, Rocker 6”