Mohawk Canoes has been in the business for over four decades. Our expertise and commitment to building top quality canoes is only matched by our love of taking our products out onto the water and enjoying them. We don’t just build our canoes, we paddle them too.

When you buy a canoe from Mohawk Canoes you can be guaranteed to speak to knowledgeable representatives who will be eager to help find the right Mohawk canoe for your particular paddling needs. We are a relatively small company so when you deal with Mohawk you’ll be dealing with the people who will sell, build and ship your canoe. Every employee has experience of all three.

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If you are in need of information on your canoe please email the serial number to us and we will see what we can do. 

Ash Seats and Carrying Yokes…

Deeply contoured with a rounded edge to increase your comfort when kneeling or carrying your canoe. Durable urethane finish with the look of hand-rubbed oil. Definitely not the stock wood seat and yoke found on most canoes. (click images to zoom)




Quality Decks …

Made of tough roto-molded polyethylene with comfortable molded-in carrying grip that is easy on your hand. The deck is fastened to the canoe with aluminum rivets plus three stainless steel bolts. (click images to zoom)




Superior Gunwales…

A Mohawk exclusive with a rounder inside edge. Pick up a Mohawk from the side and feel the difference – no sharp inside edges to cut into your hand. A special aluminum insert slides inside the gunwale to reinforce stress areas such as where the carrying yoke is attached.

Aluminum seat bracket system…

Mohawk uses aluminum panels which are riveted between the gunwale and the side of the canoe. This means that the stress is spread over the hull rather than a few points on the gunwale. The extra rigidity that is inherent in such a system gives the boat extra lateral reinforcing. This also creates less obstruction on the top of the gunwale to ease loading and unloading on racks. One further advantage is that with the addition of our Seat Adjustment Kit you can raise, lower or angle the seat to suit your particular needs.